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DIY Acoustic Levitator

In this project I have designed and made an Acoustic Levitator.
For this project you need;
Lm8uu Linear Bearing (
6000zz bearing (
10mmX150mm long Bolt and Nut
Arduino Uno (Arduino Sketch is attached with the downloadable files)
OC40K5 Transducer OR The Ultrasonics Sensor hc sr 04 Transducer(TCT40-16T)

Note: I have also attached another stl for the regular transducer, If you have a hc sr 04 Sensor just desold the transducer and use them. If you are using the regular ones than keep the input voltage upto 20 volts)

L298D Motor Driver Module
Boost Module 3-32V 4A XL6009( I tuned mine to 30volts)
Lots of Jumper wire
150x50mmx19mm 2 pieces of Plywood(You can us a box if you want I was being lazy to design a box for it so I just kept it open)
I have also attached the schematic, I took the idea from this article( and I have added a boost converter for more power.
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