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Face Shield for Small 3D Printers

Make your own face shield at home even if you have a small 3D printer

This model presents the following features:

For materials and printing method, please check the section below.

Quality Control

Before assembly
- Check the surface for printing quality. There should be no holes or cracks.
- Check the snap-fit joint. The snap-fit area should have a clear rectangular shape, and the cantilever protruding edge should have a triangular-shaped end. Additionally, the protruding edge should not be crack easily if force is applied.

After assembly
- Check if the connection at the snap-fit joint is firm enough. The two parts should not be easily split away.
- Check if the visor is firmly attached to the frame. Even if shaken, the visor should not come off.
- Check if the face shield comfortably fits to your head. Adjust the size of the rubber band for ideal fit.


Please message me if you have any suggestion to improve the model, or if you work in the health industry and would like to conduct further testing with it.


This model has not been tested or qualified to prevent or reduce infection. Use it at your own discretion.

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