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Sewing thread winder for home sewing machines

Scales of x 1.05, y 1.05 and z 1.00 are needed for my printers. See "Materials and methods" below.

After printing, add a 70 mm of M6 screw rod and an M6 nut. Double-nut may be useful to fasten a rod to the printed object.

Use this winder slowly (around 60 rpm) and safely.

You can wind sewing threads on spools with this thread winder attached to your home sewing machines.

winder.FCStd is source code made by FreeCAD 0.18.

MD5 (winder.stl) = 5c8307784940b3fd36032e430736233e
MD5 (winder.FCStd) = 4d5c781762b735a35f4c75fc88099b42

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