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Rotating Tool Caddy

I store most of my hand tools on magnetic strips above my desk/bench. However, space is getting rather limited and sometimes instead of grabbing one tool I get an selection of three or four dragged with it! So I have created a box that rotates with cutouts of varying sizes and dimensions to hold the tools.

You will need to buy a 6005 bearing (47mm OD, 25mm ID) and M3 x 12mm all purpose screws (16 of them) to fix the pieces together.

I have used square silicone pads as anti-slip feet on the base of the unit. You may find that these are not needed, assemble the tool caddy and turn the unit and you can decide whether they are necessary. These can be made using this mould.

The walls of the box come in three flavours. A plain wall, one with my logo embossed and one with my logo cut out. The photos show a tool caddy with two plain walls and two walls with the logo cut out. They are all of the same dimensions so you can choose whichever you prefer.

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