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Ultimaker 2+ Fan Shroud

I thought I'd 3D print an Ultimaker 2.

I'll make all the injection molded parts with my Anycubic Photon and Siraya Tech Blu resin (cause its really tough and you can screw into it without cracking). And I'll use my RepRap to make the panels. For the electronics I'll use R.A.M.P.S along with an actual Ultimaker display controller and LCD (nothing else out there will fit the form factor)

This is the fan shroud. It's the UM2+ version cause it looks better. I have no clue if this thing will melt or burn but I'm really hoping it just works.

There are also some pics with the carriage mount.

If nothing else this is going to look cool AF!!

update 7/14/2020: uploaded pics of model printed in Phrozen TR250 Hi-Temp Resin.

Phrozen TR250, is an engineering grade resin, with excellent mechanical characteristics, and thermal resilience that allows it function normally at temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.

Reviews suggest even a soldering iron has a tough time doing damage so this should be great for a shroud so close to the hot end.

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