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Levitation, a 3D Printed Automaton Illusion.

I feel truly blessed each and every time family, friends and/or followers send me links to videos of automata and challenge me to recreate the mechanisms involved. "Levitation, A 3D Printed Automaton Illusion" is one of those challenges, this one recreating the mechanisms behind "Laetitia Princess of the Air" by Pierre Mayer, a "levitation" illusion. I have no knowledge of how Mr. Mayer created his illusion, but my implementation of the mechanism seems to adequately duplicate his illusion using the classic "mirror(s) and string(s)" technique (albeit using an acrylic mirror for safety) as our grandkids thoroughly enjoyed it, and Lora and I hope you and yours do as well!

As usual I probably forgot a file or two or who knows what else, so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask as I do make plenty of mistakes.

Designed using Autodesk Fusion 360, sliced using Ultimaker Cura 4.6.1, and 3D printed in PLA on an Ultimaker 3 Extended and an Ultimaker S5.

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