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Desk Mounted Tube Frame Spool Holder

This desk mounted tube frame spool holder can be used hang your spools directly above the 3D printer. Thanks to the customizable height and width, the spool holder should fit above almost every 3D printer. Furthermore, the two parts that are in contact with the spool can be moved inwards and outwards, meaning that this spool holder should also be compatible with pretty much every spool.

For this spool holder, you'll need 15mm x 15mm x 1.5mm square tube (I used aluminium). The length of both pieces can be customized, but I used 550mm for the vertical piece and 450mm for the horizontal piece. This size works perfectly with the Prusa i3 MK3(S). Furthermore, it allows you to buy 1m of the square tube, which is a common size/length in my area.

I've made two versions of this spool holder: one that requires hardware and one that doesn't. The differences between these two parts can be seen in the images. This is what you'll need to print for one spool holder:

If you choose to print the hardware version of this model, then you'll need six M4 x 24mm bolts and six regular M4 nuts for assembly.

My desk has a thickness of about 22.5mm, so anything larger than that size won't work.


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