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iPhone Cradle for the Nissan NV200

This is a two piece design that drops into the cup holder at the side of the steering wheel and will hold an iPhone 6/7 that is fitted with Spigen (Tough Armor) case.

The phone will fit without the case but it is a bit sloppy. Internal dimensions of the cradle are 75mm x 12mm.

There is a slot at the base so that a charger cable can be easily inserted into the phone. The holder is extremely sturdy and using the screen does not cause any wobble.

Printed in PETG at 0.25mm layer height (I am impatient!). I printed the cradle and the base upside down using a 5mm brim with supports on the cradle and a skirt on the base.

The two parts are fixed together with a self tapping screw and large washer - see photo. This allows the cradle to swivel on the base. The tilt angle is fixed and cannot be adjusted.

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