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WIFI motorized Camera Slider (with Tracking)

This is a remotely controlled (open source) CAMERA SLIDER with tracking system. Two motors will be in charge of moving a platform where you can attach your smartphone/GOPRO or DSLR camera to and, at the same time, pan it tracking an object.

Project page:
Assembly guide:

How it works:

This camera slider can be EXTREMELY SLOW (0.01 mm/sec) but strong enough to smoothly move the camera platform

You just have to let this Arduino robot know the location of the object to be filmed and it will calculate in real time what to do in order to keep the target always in the center of the camera view.

Once the moving platform (with the camera) reaches the end of the rail, it will decelerate and come back to the original position, swinging back and forward until you decide to stop it.

The camera can be replaced for a Webcam, flashlight, laser... anything you would like to play with.

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