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Smartphone Bicycle Mount

It might be a little too special, but maybe inspiring for similar projects. It fits a specialized stem with 36 mm diameter.

The idea is having your smartphone in sight for navigation. It is also nice for taking some footages or pictures.

If you are in doubt with the Velcro pad. Try it and use heavy duty Velcro.

It might help to grind your smartphone cover and print also for bonding of the velcro pad. A little heat might also be advantageous. It depends on your printing material and your smatphone cover material.

I am riding for years with velcro mounted smarphone on bikes. It is getting more attached the more it shakes.
It is unreached in comfort. At home I have also some Velcros to attach the smartphone, (fridge, bathroom...).

In addition you need:

1 pair of heavy duty Velcro pad 45mm

18 DIN 9021 M5 washer
2 DIN 912 M5x80 bolt
1 DIN 912 M5x40 bolt
3 DIN 985 M5 nut
2 DIN 912 M3x12 bolt
2 DIN 985 m3 nut

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