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Bath/Sink Plug

I had a poor fitting metal plug in my bath which has annoyed me for quite a while due to the not-quite-right fit so I have created a plastic version.
This is a two part design so that it can be printed without supports or the need for any bridging. Initially, the idea was to glue the two parts together but I found that, once printed, the two parts snap together with a satisfying click. This will depend on the printer calibration.
The plug does not have a handle and is to be used with a chain fitted. The bath plug has a maximum diameter of 44 mm and the sink plug is 37.4 mm.


On the bath plug, the plastic section which is attached to the chain broke so I have modified the bath plug attachment to be a little meatier. A combination of the weight of water and the amount of suction from removing the plug from the hole requires quite a lot of force to release the plug. Please use version 2.

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