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Low Cost Light Bulb Changer

This is a high light bulb changer. Commercial products cost $20 at your local hardware store. This costs next to nothing and without the trip to the store.

This is for, you know, those super annoyingly high light bulbs that are in a vaulted kitchen ceiling or some other awkward place. The bulbs you can't get to without doing some sketchy ladder work, yeah, those ones.

This 3D printable adapter screws onto a paint pole or broom handle and (with the help of a 2 Litre soda bottle) allows you to change the light bulb from safely standing on the floor.

Trim the bottle as shown in the photos. The conical section of the bottle is great for gripping the pesky bulb. Screw the adapter to a broom handle and you're in business. Add three sections of hot glue in a triangular pattern to grip the bulb as shown.

The adapter was designed in OpenSCAD. It should fit any standard broom handle and any 2 liter soda bottle, though the source is provided to allow customization.

Released under the CERN 2.0 CERN-OHL-W Licence

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