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Tesla mobile charger wall mount + IEC 62196 type 2 plug wall mount

I wanted a wall mount for my mobile charger because I use it as my daily charger and leave it at home. It seemed hard to do the mobile charger holder in CAD, so I did it in blender, but it is one of my first blender model so I had some trouble with precision. First model was slightly too loose but OK for me with a bit of padding. I scaled down the new version by about 5mm in the loose axis (Z axis of the blender scene) so I think it should be fine now but please do tell me if you find there is still too much play.

I also made a wall mount for the CCS type 2 plug (also called IEC 62196 type 2). There are quite a few wall mount for the plug but I'm not so sure for the european plug.
For the plug hole, I used the step file from phoenix contact's EV-T2AC-PARK as a reference for dimensions. The fit is pretty good.

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