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iGaging IP54 Caliper - Height Gauges (XS, S, M, L & XL)

This is a height gauge foot/attachment for the iGaging IP54 EZ-Cal Digital caliper (or any other caliper with the blade dimensions of ~16 mm x 3.5 mm). The IP54 caliper uses a small stop screw on the back/end of the blade; these attachments accommodate this. A centered 1/8" (3.18 mm) tap hole is provided on each side of the head for tapping threads for a thumb screw/fixing bolt on either or both sides, however this fit is tight enough that fixing bolts may not be needed. The thumb screws used in the photos are #8-32 x 5/8" knurled thumb screw, which are inexpensive and readily available in the U.S. These attachments are designed to be durable and rigid.

There are 5 different sizes which vary in their capacities to straddle and measure objects (see the diagram for sizing). Each size is an independent object file, so you can download any or all of the sizes that you may desire.

I 3-D printed these laying flat on to minimize warping on the bottoms of the feet, and printed with a brim. Some supports are necessary in the blade channels and the tap holes. However, they are relatively easy to clean up with small hobby files and sandpaper. If you do frequent (or even occasional) 3-D printing, a set of hobby files comes in handy; they can be purchased for $10-$40. A flat piece of sandpaper on a flat surface also is useful for removing printing irregularities. This is particularly important on the critical feet surfaces; be careful to maintain 90 degree angles.

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