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3-Way 2.5" Vacuum Hose Connector, All Female (Ridgid, etc.)

This is a simple 3-way or Y splitter for 2.5" shop vacuum hoses, with all female ends that standard 2.5" vacuum hoses fit into (Ridgid, etc.) This design has a female end that receives the standard male hose end. I designed it so that there is no need for printed supports, and so that the print flow increases the strength of the printed model. There is also additional material designed in to form a flat base and to provide additional gluing surface.

YOU PRINT THREE OF THE SAME ADAPTER, lightly sand any rough spots or unwanted printing goop, and make sure the inside is smooth so that the hose end fits in nicely. Then glue the three pieces together -- I used super glue gel; make sure that the pieces are aligned well and pushed together straight.

Background: I wanted a y-adapter that fit my standard 2.5" Ridgid shop vacuum hose, so that I could split the suction into two hoses to pick up sawdust from two different locations on my saws. There are various adapters available, but none of them are reported to have the correct dimensions. I saw various online videos about people making these adapters by heating 2" PVC pipes and then molding them to the correct dimensions by placing the hot PVC over the vacuum hose end. This works, but it can cause the hose end to shrink some when the heat is transferred from the hot PVC (I have a couple of hose ends that are proof of this -- they still work, but the seals are not quite as good). Also, the finished PVC adapter was huge and clunky (see photo).

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