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Food printing: support parts for Cakewalk3d

akewalk 3D is a precise, effective and handy extruder that converts your desktop 3D printer into a food printer. We’ve succesfully tested with chocolate, meringue, ketchup, guacamole, swiss buttercream… The screw-based extruder is designed to be easily installed on any type of cartesian 3D printer. All parts are food-safe and easily washable in your dishwasher.
To adapt Cakewalk 3d to your printer, all you need is to 3D print 3 or 4 supporting parts:
1 connector between the cartridge and the Nema motor
2 detachable rings to hold the cartridge
1 carriage part for Anet 8 / Anet 8 plus 3d printer

The 3d prints take less than 10 hours to complete on most desktop 3D printers. This page enables you to download the stl files of the supporting parts.You’ll need to remove the plastic extruder to attach the support part to your 3d printer.
All parts of Cakewalk 3d are open-source so feel free to make your own version et publish it on this website.

To find assembly instruction, recipes and slicing parameters:

To buy the extruder to install on your 3D printer:

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