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Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck Keytar Case Mod Tray Interface

Wow, is that name a mouthful.

I've been on a cyberpunk kick lately (wonder why?) and decided that I thought it would be funny if a decker pretended to be a rocker, and concealed his cyberdeck within a keytar. Then I thought about building one, and it's continued to get weirder from there. Conveniently, I found out that there was a Rock Band keytar controller not too much larger than what a wireless computer keyboard would be. I've stripped out the keytar keyboard and began the process of merging a keyboard and raspberry pi into the case. You can find more details on my blog. I've been posting as I've been working through the various challenges, and hope to do a summary post at the end.

I really doubt anyone is going to need these, but I liked what I learned in the process of this project and thought I'd share. And make sure I can find these models again if I need replacement parts!

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