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Hanging Bird Table

This is a bird table that can be hung from a fixed point e.g. a branch or a hook. The base is removable so that the whole assembly can be easily cleaned.

You will need:-

4 - Edges.
1 - Base.
8 - Screw hole caps.
1 - Cable collar.
12 - 25mm x 4mm wood screws (1 inch 8's).
4 - large "penny" washers (approximately 25mm diameter).
2 pieces of 2mm catenary wire at least 1 metre in length.

For tools, you will need a no.2 pozi screwdriver and a decent pair of side cutters.

To assemble:-

Screw the edges together with 8 screws (careful not to over tighten).
Fit the caps into the screw holes (covering the screws you have just fitted).
Thread one cable through the hole in the edges, through the cable collar (plastic ring) and back through the collar to the hole on the opposing edge (not diagonally opposite). Do the same on the other side with the second cable.
Fix the cables in place on the underside by looping it around and screwing a washer down on top of the loop into the adjacent hole. Obviously, you will need to make sure you get each loop of cable the same length. Cut off any excess you may have protruding from underneath the washer.
Drop the base into the centre of the assembly.

Note: The supplied "edge" files do not have my logo embossed into them as shown in the photos.

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