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Ion Block Rocker - Wheel Hack

A wheel system upgrade for Ion's marvellous portable boom box - the Block Rocker.

This alternative wheel system consists of two 3D printable brackets and a number of off the shelf parts. The bracket system is designed to fit into the original wheel system's place using the same threaded bolt holes. These brackets then hold wheels with a larger diameter at the sides of the Block Rocker to create a smoother ride, capable of being pulled over slightly rougher terrain.

Here is the list of parts needed for the upgrade:

1 x 460mm (approx.) length of M8 stainless steel rod

2 x M8 standard nuts

2 x M8 lock nuts

6 x M8 washers

4 x M4 round headed bolts (15mm long)

4x M4 washers

2 x scooter wheels (approx. 100mm - 130mm diameter) including bearings.

1x Left 3D printable bracket

1 x Right 3D printable bracket

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