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K.L.I.K. String sensor sections

These models are part of the "KontinuumLAB Instrument Kit" project.

I used these to make the K.L.I.K. 4-string instruments, namely the bass guitar and the ukulele. There are 2 fretboard sections for each, with frets progressively closer going up the neck.
[[EDIT: These models were updated on 28. nov 2020, splitting them up in individual fret sections instead of 4 together, for easier assembly]]
The K.L.I.K. string sensors are capacitive sensors, and these models simply serve as a base with a "string-like" shape to put conductive material onto. Very basic stuff.

For full description / explanation, go to the KontinuumLAB YouTube channel:
This is the video about the 4-string instrument specifically:

All of the KLIK instruments are meant to be built using the KontinuumLAB Instrument Kit electronics. The use of 3d printed parts is optional, all instruments can be hand-made as well. I will be selling the "K.L.I.K." kit, as well as instruments based on it, in the webshop at:

The 3d-printable parts include: mouth pieces, breath sensors, self-flexing melodica keys, wind instrument keys, structural pieces, end pieces for making boxes, membrane instrument "drums", string instrument fret-board sensor bases and even a fully 3d-printed MIDI ocarina.

The KontinuumLAB Instrument Kit is still under development. More detailed descriptions, as well as updates and more designs will be published right here.

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