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SnowBall Christmas Ornament

A snowball inspired Christmas Ornament.

1 x CenterPiece_1.stl
1 x CenterPiece_2.stl
32 x Snowflake.stl
1 x CuttingGuide.stl

Straighten about 1.5m of filament, by dipping it into almost boiling water, and stretching it lightly, while cooling. From this filament cut 32 pieces of approximately 40mm.

Glue the two center pieces together, using three small pieces of filament as keys.

Ensure that filament fits into the holes in the centerpiece and all the snowflakes.

Glue all the 40mm pieces of filament into the centerpiece.
Cut all these to the same length, using the cutting guide to ensure the correct length.

Finally Glue all the snowflakes to the sticks.

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