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Infinite Puzzle - Koch Snowflakes

As the wind gently blows, snowflakes dance in a strange and mesmerising motif. Like our life’s journey, the curve moves ever onwards into a wondrous future.

An endless puzzle combining an eye-catching tessellation with a space-filling curve. The curve must remain connected!

Tiles come in two versions: a version with a blank surface and a version with a curve overlay. The curve is Mandelbrot’s ‘snowflake sweep’, a self-avoiding curve that fills the snowflake, with some adjustments to make it 3d-printable as an overlay. Every curve has two endpoints allowing it to connect with other versions of itself.

Alternatively, blank tiles can be used as a basis for different patterns instead of the curve, or to create free space within the curve pattern.

Blank tiles are 5 mm high; the curve overlay starts at 5 mm and is 1 mm high and 1.2 mm wide. Tiles can be printed with a 0.6 mm nozzle.

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