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Animatronic Neck

Install moviments on your animatronic head or puppet! This 3D printed neck mechanism can be controlled by an arduino or RC.

Animatronics #puppets #RobotNeck #Neckmechanism

List of parts:
3X servo MG995 or similar
4X ball joint 3mm x 3mm (both sides of the brass ball is convex)
1X Cardan Joint 6mm x 5mm
1X bolt 5mm x 20mm
4X bolts 5mm x 25mm with nuts
12X bolts 3mm x 10mm with nuts
2X bolts 3mm x 12mm with nuts
4X bolts 5mm x 15mm with nuts
3X 6mm nuts
2X 3mm nuts with washers
6X 3mm nuts
1X 6mm threaded rod
1X 3mm threaded rod

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Thanks, Enjoy it!

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