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3D printed RC Drift car

DIY RC Drift car

This simple 3D printed drift car is a lot of fun!

DriftCar #RcCar

List of parts:
3D printed parts
Brushless motor
ESC 30Amp
Servo MG995 Tower Pro
Battery 3S
Remote Control and receiver
OnOff switch
Zip Ties
XL Pulley
XL Belt 110XL 037 - 279.4mm
8mm x 194 mm shaft
2X bearing 8 x 16 mm

2X 4mm x 40mm with nuts
2X 6mm x 45mm with nuts and washers
12X 4mm x 10mm with nuts
10X 4mm x 15mm with nuts
1X 3mm x 15mm with nut
4X 3mm x 12mm with nuts
2X 8mm x 55mm

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Thanks, Enjoy it!

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