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Five Nights At Freddy's: Monster Cupcake

The challenge was to transform a video game character into a real animatronic.
My daughter choose Carl the cupcake from FNAF and here is the result!

FNAF #Cupcake #CarlCupcake #FiveNightsatFreddys

Parts description:

3D printed parts
2X Red LED 3mm
1X White LED 5mm
3X Resistor to connect your LEDs (value depends on the voltage you are using)
2X Eyes 26 mm
2X Servos SG90
1mm metal rod - 3 pieces of 60mm should be enought
1X bolt 3mm x 45mm
2X bolt 2mm x 5mm
2X bolt 2.8 x 12 mm
6X bolt 2.2 x 10 mm
4X bolt 2 x 8 mm

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Thanks, Enjoy it!

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