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2020 Christmas Ornament (Sled with Presents)

Here is my 2020 Christmas Ornament. I design one each year that I can customize with each family members name (look at my previous posts for examples).

This year I designed a multi part glue together sled and present box ornament design. I embossed the name of each person on the bottom of the sled and included the year on the front of the sled. I did this in Solidworks. But this can be done in Fusions360, TinkerCad, or Microsoft 3D Builder depending on what software you have at your disposal. I did my version in multiple colors. I did a M600 filament swap on the sled portion to make the side rails look like metal runners. Then I printed half of the presents/bows in red, and the other half in white. But feel free to be as creative as you want to be with color combinations.

I designed this in solidworks 2018, and have included the native solidworks file. Also included are STL's without names, and with/without the year. And I have also included Fusion360, Step, and X_T file formats for use in other CAD packages. Feel free to modify, reshare, customize to your hearts content.

Update: I added a version of the present box center sections with relief for elephant foot on the ribbon sections. This was by request of one of the users who printed and had trouble with the ribbons not wanting to sit properly in the groove.

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