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Oxygen wall outlet, replacement for quick release in case of shortage

When hospitals are quickly organizing new O2 outlets for Covid patients, sometimes they do not get the oxygen outlet supply in time. To remedy that we've made this first version of an alternative 3D printed outlet.

The O2 huidifier bottle conencts to the plastic tube, which then is connected to a pneumatic valve.

Needed changes for actual hospital usage:
*Current adapter from tube to valve is 3D printed nylon. Better find a copper part. Also must use tensioners for the tube not to fall off.
*Some of the 3 versions of the bottle holder do not have the sharp edges to hold tubing, this could also allow tube slippage.
*Need to make sure there is absolutely no chance of tube slippage as this could result in O2 supply cutoff which could create danger to patient's life. Please advise on parts that could ensure no movement out of the tube.

We're open to discuss usage and improvements to the design if needed for your local hospital.

Please note that usage of this outlet is at your own risk and needs careful consideration. It is not licensed and should be used for emergency shortage only.

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