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Snowflake Christmas Tree

This design was created using BlocksCAD and is based on a snowflake algorithm I created that allows different styles and sizes of snowflakes to be created.
This specific design used the algorithm to create 9, six pointed snowflakes of diminishing size.
These may be arranged in a number of different ways to suit user requirements.
1: The snowflakes can be stacked freeform without supports to form a Christmas tree.
2: Using the centre hole which allows them to be threaded in a stack -
2a: To create a hanging Christmas tree.
2b: To create a spaced hanging Christmas tree.
2c: On a stout wire with a suitable base to create a free standing Christmas tree.
2d: With spacing on a stout wire with a suitable base to create a spaced free standing Christmas tree.
3: Each snowflake has a small hole at the end of each branch which allows them to be hung independently.
4: Eight of the snowflakes are free standing by their edge branch pairs.
5: Ink may be applied to the flat area with an ink pad to create stamps.

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