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Modular REVOLving cable mount

This is another iteration of my revolving cable mount.

I have designed this iteration modular so you can make it as long as you would need.

To mount it you have multiple options:
- screw with a 4 mm countersunk screw/bolt
- attach with a doublesided tape or with velcro (3M's CommandTape is my favorite -solution for apartments where you cannot drill a thing)
- clip it to a standard DIN rail with the provided DIN rail mounts

The cable mount hole has a 6 mm internal diameter which is enough for standard USB cables as well as for the braided thicker ones.

The total gap for the dovetails is 0.3 mm wide which results a perfect (=not too tight - not too loose) fit on my Prusa MINI+.

Assembly / usage HOWTO:

This is my favorite hanging cable mount so far - I hope you will like it too.

Update 2021-01-12:

added optional back rail option (2 versions, with or without dovetail) to keep the components together
generated male part with 6 and 8 mm ring height (you might find the taller ones more useful in case if you have bigger hands)
added dovetail to DIN rail mount so you can use as many as you wish

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