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Sylvie 2021 - Complete Molding Toolset for Silicone Skin Making

Update Dec 3: Added the new Cat-Face mold, which uses only 0.90kg of silicone to save money on costs!


Comes with Mother Mold, original Face Model, the Inner Core and all the corresponding backplates. Use a fan and very slow speeds when printing, as this type of geometry is prone to deforming and shrinking no matter what filament type or brand you use!

If you do happen to get some deformation, then use the 3d printable braces to bend it back into shape (you'll need a drill.)

Do NOT use Cyanoacrylate or Epoxy glues to join parts, as this will poison the silicone!

You CAN use hot melt glue on your model, especially to seal the edges after screwing the back plates on, in order to stop silicone from flowing underneath it.

Hot melt glue is safe to use and will not inhibit the cure of your platinum silicone.

You will need:
1. Your 3D printed model, mother mold and core
2. At least 1.80Kg Platinum silicone (see list of PS brands below)
3. A mixing bucket and mixing stick
4. A piece of plywood

List of platinum silicones for 1.8KG version of mother mold:
1. Platsil Gel 25
2. Mold Star 20T
3. EcoFlex 00-50

List of platinum silicones for 0.9KG version (super budget) of mother mold:
1. Mold Star 15 SLOW
2. EcoFlex 00-50

Note: NEVER use Mold Star 16 for pour-molding! I've worked with rubbers that had a much shorter cure time than that, and I've never seen a silicone cure so fast. It's literally solid after only 3-4 minutes, even though it claims to have a 6 minute pot life and 30 minute cure time. It's ONLY good for brush-on molds!

You have to be especially careful with the new 0.9KG version of the mother mold. It saves money on rubber, but is a little bit trickier to pour and use, which is why the safest bet is to just use a super-long-cure-time silicone, with at least 50 minute pot life. Better wait 4 hours than to waste $100!

For the actual silicone face cast, you can use:
1. EcoFlex 00-20
2. EcoFlex 00-30
3. Platsil Gel 0020
4. Platsil Gel 0030

Any other silicone will be too difficult to use for animatronics. I used to use EcoFlex 00-10, but since we're now dealing with a slightly thinner skin, it would probably be better to use the slightly harder silicones, which are still animatronic and prosthetic-grade regardless.

Quantities: 1.8kg (1800g) of molding silicone, 0.68kg (680g) of casting silicone. (Kitchen scale recommended!)

A word on flocking powder: The amounts used in the video are only there to give you an idea of color ratios. Use VERY sparingly, tiny pinches only.. especially since the new face model uses 40% less silicone!

Do NOT use the backplates for the core, and the backplates for the face interchangeably. They all have slightly different dimensions for their own purposes.

More info, uploads and videos to come this week. Stay tuned!

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