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Animatronic Eye Mechanism v4 for Sylvie 2021

Update: Eyelids come in two versions, compact and super compact.

Animatronic eye mechanism for Sylvie 2021!

Really only needs 8x m3 screws, fishing line, a bit of steel wire, and mg90s servos. The fishing line is what holds most of the moving parts together, particularly the eyelids.

Glue parts together with cyanoacrylate. Some drilling may be necessary to widen little thread tunnels.

Join the 3d printed cones together to create tiny pulley wheels through which you can wind your fishing line. Top-front servos move the Y axis, bottom-front servos move the X axis.

The servos at the back correspond to eyelid movement.

The rest is the puzzle for you to solve.


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