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Geared Neck Mechanism for Sylvie 2021 - Low backlash!

Update: Fixed the thicknesses and screw holes of all mounting brackets. You'll only need 25mm screws to mount the EMC2 mini gearbox. Also added 3d-printable axles to save having to look for proper bolts. You will need to loop a steel wire through the hole at the end of it, or maybe a tiny split pin.

Geared neck mechanism for Sylvie 2021. Loosely inspired by Inmoov, but approaches it in a completely different manner. Designed to be practically indestructible; can withstand significant shaking, such as on public transportation.

For the actual Nema17 stepper motor gear reducer, check my other thing here:


More info to come, but practically finished. Complete animatronic head build (v5) with new silicone skin coming very soon.. so stay tuned!


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