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Marvin's head (paranoid android, BBC version)

I think you ought to know... he's still feeling very depressed.

This is my attempt to create a model of Marvin's head, (the paranoid android) from the BBC Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV series (not the film). I couldn't find what I was looking for on the Internet, so I had a go myself.

The model is inaccurate in a lot of details, as I don’t have any measurements to work from.

There are two versions of the head part… one with the eyes hollowed out to fit illumination, the other has the eyes just slightly recessed. The base (neck part) is separate, as it’s easier to print this way. There is an incomplete hole in the back of the neck part, to allow for wires if needed. There is also a part to mount LEDs onto (if needed), which goes inside the head (glue it in with a little ABS glue). It uses standard 5mm yellow LEDs (you’ll need to drill the holes out to 5mm).
The red filters for the eyes are laser-cut, and super-glued in place (small amount of glue). The triangles have sides measuring 19.889, 7.7015 and 20.041 mm (roughly).

The head is partly hollow to save time and plastic.

Printing - my prints were done using home-made ABS on a modified Rostock Max V2. Speed was about 65mm/s (edges printed slower). Cooling is needed for the small LED mounting part. Nozzle size was 0.4mm, layer height was 0.15mm. No supports are needed on the inside of the head but some will be needed on the outside. None were used on the base part. No supports are needed for the eye holes.

The overall height of the model is around 90mm.

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