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Vase Mode Island Terrain Pack

Welcome to the freeware Island Terrain Pack by Warscape 3D!

This bundle contains the following 16 STL files:

Vase mode variant files are also included for all the islands (files are appended with "_vm") , these are simply identical to the regular island files, but flipped upside down so that you can print them in vase mode with ease.

I recommend vase mode for the islands, even with a regular 0.4mm nozzle, I find the end result to be sturdy enough for use, especially once the top has had glue, sand and flock applied to finish it off. Expanding foam, filler or similar substances can be applied to the interior to add further stability if you wish.

Vase mode uses almost no plastic at all and is extremely quick to print, which also means that you can crank up the detail level without the print taking half a day to complete.

For the prints in the example images included the following settings were used:

Thank you for downloading these files and I hope you get good use out of them, if there is enough interest in these free files, I may expand on them with an affordable Kickstarter release to add settlements, sea monsters, modular shorelines, islands with greater surface detail and a bunch of other ideas I have!

Ship miniature pictured (for scale purposes only) is an Orc Bomb Boat from Kings of War Armada by Mantic Games. This terrain pack was designed for the game which is fantastic and I recommend playing it!

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