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Magnetic Circle Fidget

Magnetic Circle Fidget

This is a simple magnetic fidget to help you fight your long work calls.

Blue: magnets attracting
Red: magnets repelling


10x Neodymium 6mm x 2mm magnets
1x 608ZZ ball bearing

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Print as shown in the picture below without any support. Brim as needed by your printer.

Recommended settings for printing are 0.1mm layer height and 5% gyroid infill but I think 0.2 layers would work too.


Simply print as shown in the pictures, and push 1x 608zz bearing in the middle of the ring.
Insert 10x 6mm x 2mm magnets in the slots (both in the ring and the arm) and then clip the two arm pieces together.
Depending on your printer tolerances, everything should snap in place without the need of any glue but have some superglue ready at hand just in case.

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