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Foam Dart Gun (Nerf compatible)

This 3D printed foam dart gun is super fun to use and reliable in every airsoft battle.
It has a range close to 90 ft. and is compatible for regular Nerf darts.
The toy gun has a nice pullback loading mechanism which gets back in place automatically.
I printed all parts in PLA. ABS should be fine too.

Have fun but please don`t hurt anybody.Do not fire foam darts on anybody. People can get hurt.

The toy gun has no mechanism preventing non-foam items from being propelled from the barrel. That`s why you shouldn´t give it to kids!

Shooting Test of the foam dart gun:

00:00​-00:12​ slow motion shot on a waterbomb
00:12​-1:11​ speed assembling
01:11​-1:18​ long shot
01:18​-01:35​ can precise shot

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