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Outdoor Enclosure for RPi Touchscreen

Lots of parts to this one but the end result was worth it

To facilitate service to my in ground pool I modified RPi OS to open the control page
of my web enable pool interface (AquaLink). This is the enclosure I drew to mount
the RPi to the wall near the pool.

This is a design to create a waterproof wall enclosure to hold a Raspberry Pi  
Touch Screen (Seedstudio 7 inch Touchscreen Display) and the raspberry Pi with a 
power supply.  It all fit in a three duplex wide old work type wall box.

All parts were printed in ABS to allow solvent cementing the fasteners and edges
holes were drilled and small screws fastened the 6 fastener pieces to the 4 glued 
screen positioning plates.

Sealing was done using Permatex Ultra Gray gasket sealer around the wall to cover
interface, screen to bezel interface and bezel to back joints.

My Ultimaker 2 printer bed is not large enough for the Back and Bezel so I had 
to cut those in two parts to successfully print.

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