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Puzzling Bunny (Burr Puzzle)

Finally - you don't have to travel to Easter Island to find something puzzling!

This puzzle design follows the recipe described in Making Burr Puzzles from 3D Models: to make a burr puzzle out of a mesh, we embed a core burr puzzle into the mesh, grow the puzzle pieces radially until they intersect with the mesh, and attach the resulting mesh islands to the intersections in a way that allows the resulting pieces to move freely in the same directions as the core burr pieces.

The aim of this puzzle is to disassemble it and put it back together. To take the puzzle apart, the player must identify a special piece that they can slightly move out of place, in order to start freeing other pieces. Afterwards, when assembling the puzzle, this special piece must initially be placed slightly off its final location; the player will slide this piece into place once all other pieces have been placed, thus locking the entire structure. This is piece3.stl.
Moreover, to assemble / disassemble the puzzle, some pieces must be placed / removed in a specific order.

The bunny mesh is based on the Stanford Bunny bundled with Meshmixer.

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