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Micro Fishing Rod

I was able to put enough pressure to bend the hook while reeling in. It should be more than enough to bring in a small fish. Attach the rotation handle before you snap together the main reel. Depending on the printing quality/settings it maybe tight, take care!

Added some files for a pole extension since my design seems "very" popular. This is a slight modification to my original to fit with the larger grip. Originally I used a broken end of a fishing rod I had with a mounting profile similar to the anchor lock piece. I actually made the lockign anchor part from my pole mount. This one has an 8mm pole with pin or nail can be put through. Use wood or print. Your choice what ever works for you.
I have included others handles without the locking profile. 4mm hole to 8mm hole depending on what you need. I suggest using wood or another material for the pole if you desire.

Eye with 8mm hole
Handle 8mm
Pole 8mm
Eye Lock for pole and Eye

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