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Use 3/8"th Rod and Acme Nut on PB Simple 1405

This is replacement for Part 1115 on the Printrbot Simple 1405 Maker's Edition.
Printrbot sells the 11" x 3/8" Acme Rod, Acme Nut and 5mm to 3/8" inch Coupler for larger Printrbot Models. This will allow you to use those parts on your Simple Makers Edition. 
This part requires that you pause the print when the nut cavity is tall enough to accept the 3/8" acme nut. Pause the printer, press the nut to the bottom of the cavity and then continue your print. This will embed/seal the part inside the modified part 1115. 
I printed this part using the 0.4mm nozzle, set for 0.2mm filament height and only 2 perimeters. Monitor the gcode preview of the print software to make sure you pause the print before it starts to close the embedded area. 
It is a tight fit, so there is no backlash from the nut shifting. To help press the nut into the part, flat and level, thread it onto the end of the z rod (before installing) and use the 3/8"th z rod to press it into the part. Remove the rod and continue printing.

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