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Jigs for a hand drill (STL and FCStd, FreeCAD source)

An idea for wood craft.
Use FreeCAD to fit your purpose.
jigdrill13.FCStd, jigdrill19.FCStd and jigdrill25.FCStd are FreeCAD source code.

MD5 (jigdrill13.stl) = 3f8f8dcfbe4851c51c9461e0b6851839
MD5 (jigdrill19.stl) = 194d1d2431d82f2f623997a2376f37c0
MD5 (jigdrill25.stl) = ec5285f3467a477325ab25a16a33bc7f
MD5 (jigdrill13.FCStd) = 47d986c3cacdcf468df7ed89fc153676
MD5 (jigdrill19.FCStd) = 6bfef233fd2fd037bd1623f8993ebb27
MD5 (jigdrill25.FCStd) = 864a0e7583df9b76edc963b03e6551f2

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