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Filament Swatch

A 100mm x 45mm x 3mm swatch to provide my students with information to help them with their 3D printing projects. Besides just showing the colors of filament that we have available to print with in our makerspace - which is often the highest priority question that they have... :-)

...these "Precedent Studies" also provide other important information to help them anticipate the likelihood of success with their prints.

You can find a handy tray to help organize all of your swatches, too!

There is a transparency test given in the following thickness steps:
- 0.2mm
- 0.4mm
- 0.6mm
- 0.8mm
- 1.0mm
- 1.5mm
- 2.0mm

There is a section where walls of various thicknesses can be inspected:
- 0.5mm
- 1.0mm
- 1.5mm
- 2.0mm
- 2.5mm
- 3.0mm

A simple set of bridging tests are included, along with a protective floor to prevent them from being accidentally broken off by curious students:
- 5.0mm
- 10.0mm
- 15.0mm
- 20.0mm

A series of overhang tests to let students see the effects of creating models with these angles:
- 15°
- 30°
- 45°
- 60°

Finally, there is an open area where a label can be added to include information about the filament, like temperature settings and supplier details.

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