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Spindle for 5lb spool

 I have not yet printed the version 2 design. So let me know how it works if you decide to print it. I uploaded the original design and a version 2 design of the bottom piece that I thought would use less plastic. I checked the gcode generated for version 2 and it looks like it uses more plastic then version 1 using 25% fill. You have to remove the crank from the Home Depot cord reel by cutting or
pinching the plastic opposite the crank. Then carefully stretch the
frame and slide out the spool that it comes with. You have to cut off
both of the sleeves sticking out on the inside of the frame. In a photo I
show one of them removed. Now print one of the bottom, one of the top,
and one bolt. The bolt was created using the great libraries from things and

For the cord reel check Home Depot for a Bayco 150 ft. 16/3 Cord Reel

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