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Roll-keeping phone table for toilet walls

Screw this table tightly enough on the wall of your toilet.
Never put your weight on it.
Use screws and anchors for gypsum boards, if needed.

Fillet width of the top table of RightOpenSquare.stl is 0.9 mm.
That for LeftOpen.stl and RightOpen.stl is 5.0 mm.
roll.FCStd is FreeCAD source.

MD5 (LeftOpen.stl) = 6585f2aa7bb1954bfabfb29d5dbe3c8d
MD5 (RightOpen.stl) = 000c6c64b81db900afcbafbbb7ab35a0
MD5 (RightOpenSquare.stl) = 5f1e753e6d6244b7e15525f45c37b6e5
MD5 (roll.FCStd) = a104793588c53029da886c7a71d15e1e

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