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FroZen Cheese Extruder

This is essentially a FroZen extruder by jbarnhardt that has been modified to fit the way I wanted to use it with my E3D v6 hotend. Specifically it was modified from a deriviative of it, the FroZen Tight just to give it a little more leeway for tightening which I now find unnecessary. While modifying it I ended up punching holes all over it and thought I call it the Cheese mod of the FroZen to get FroZen Cheese ;)

The goals of this mod was as follows:

- Allow the use of the insert from the pneumatic coupling from the E3D kit to be used. Reason: Much easier removal of the tubing from the extruder in case of jams etc. Which the nut capture method works well, I found it tedious on a Makibox when ever I wanted to remove the tube.

- Allow the PTFE tube to guide the filament through the entire path through the extruder. Reason: Prevent filament buckling/twisting thereby allow flexible filaments to be used and provide a smooth path through the extruder.

- Improve printability without the need of supports or very dialed in overhang settings (as long as extrusion width >= 1.5 layer height)

To use the SCAD file, you will need trim.stl or you can just rename the FroZen Tight stl to trim.stl.
V2.1 has modified measurements for the pneumatic insert that I have not tested but it should work. I dialed it down a little because it was a little too loose on my current one.
I have left the k2 custom one i accidentally uploaded there, which has the holes for the filament etc closer to the stepper motor. This was done because my drive gear was pushed in that direction (likely from over tightening which also cracked the acrylic) and not making the mod resulted in jams when there are frequent retractions.

E3D v6 hotend: (http://e3d-online.com/E3D-v6/v6-Full-Kit/v6-1.75mm-Universal-Bowden)

FroZen extruder by jbarnhardt: (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:252539)
FroZen Tight by MyMakibox: (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:283850)

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