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The N-joints are a system for easily crafting solid and inexpensive structures and furniture using square wooden rods and 3D printed joints. The concept is similar to the "Jonction-P" by Samuel N. Bernier's, but here the wooden rods are positioned flat, and not at 45°, which offers better rigidity and allows to easily create furniture with walls by nailing planks onto the rods.

- 2 types of joints: corner joint and T-shaped joint.
- Different sizes to suit all your projects.
- Optimized shape offering great strength, low material usage and good printability.
- Optimized screw placement, allowing longer screws to be used without conflicts between screws.
- Rounded shapes for a small gain in solidity and printing speed.

To make your furniture with N-joints:
- Select the STL model corresponding to the size of your wooden rods. If the size you want is not available, you can create it by resizing the STL model corresponding to the closest size.
- Select the correct screw size from the table (cf. last picture). If you created an intermediate size by resizing the closest model, use the screw size of that model (the values in the table include a small tolerance for accommodating intermediate sizes).
- It is recommended to pre-drill the holes with a diameter approximately equal to half the diameter of the screw, so as not to split the wood when screwing.
- The reinforcing arms are intended to increase the rigidity of the joint, and to facilitate 3D printing by providing a sufficient surface with the print bed. But you can also put the four corners of a wooden board on it to easily make a shelf that can support a fairly significant weight.

I hope you find the N-JOINTS useful! Feel free to show us what you have built with it in the "MAKE" section.

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