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T-Rex Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Pendant

3DCLOUD posted a pic of a dino pendant on this file sharing website with NO 3d file to share. Also, I hate it when I find a cool file but it says "no derivatives" or "non-commercial" with no easy way to get a commercial license such as a link to an easy registration form on their website. This makes it so that only those with a 3d printer can enjoy the file. Not everyone has a 3d printer! Here is my version of the dino pendant and you CAN use it for commercial purposes and YES YOU CAN make derivatives to your heart's content ;0)

Also, this is better than 3DCLOUD's pendant because it has a bigger loop that fits beefier gold chains. A T-Rex pendant won't look right on a wimpy skinny necklace. It MUST go on a thick gold chain, strong enough to tow your car! Heh, heh!!!

Prints without support nor raft . Tested sucessfully printed in gold colored ABS in an enclosure on a hbp leveled with a digital dial gauge.

This is a derivative of the T-Rex Shower Head by

JMSchwartz11: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:329596/#files

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