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Business Card Case

I designed this for a facebook Husky group (Husky Huddle Malamute Mingle, H2M2) and added another version for a husky rescue (Husky Halfway house, H3).

Also included are a plain case and cutaway case.

It is designed such that the slide is lightly retained in the case. Tolerances are such that business cards hold in place well even when open. It takes a lot of shaking to get them to fall out.

When assembling, you'll need to rotate the slide 90 degrees towards you and put the lower lip into the case before rotating it back and sliding it together.

I will GLADLY add your logo to this design and send you a customized version if you'd like. Just send me an image of your logo. Logos can be embossed or, if its a simple design, cut through the case.

Or you can do it yourself if you know how. Design files on OnShape:

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