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Useful 3D Printed Mini Tripod

Modified from this design

I didn't like how each leg was a separate print, it made the connections unnecessarily complex and difficult to join if there were any inconsistencies in the printing process.

My design combines two legs to the head with the third on a swinging hinge so it can be folded flat.

I wanted to use the tripod to hold up a computer fan to use on my desk, so the ball joint that goes inside has been modified for a 3" fan (1" thick). I used a 2" 6-32 screw, but as you can see a 1.5" would probably have been fine. Since it is a peculiar shape, this is the only piece that needs to be printed with support.

A ball mount for a camera has also been included, however you will need get a bolt with a matching thread/size to your camera to go in it.

NOTE: The pins on the hinge are quite small and may break off if the middle leg is forced off. They should be fine when you put it in the first time, but repeated loading (taking the leg on and off again) will damage them. Larger pins might be designed in the future if this is a recurring issue.

NOTE 2: The ball joint is not my design, but I found that you should let the pieces cool and cure for a bit before joining them. If you combine them right after printing, the head (U-shape part) will warp and create a loose joint that won't hold the weight of a camera. If this happens, consider reprinting the part, or adding something into the joint to increase friction. My print wasn't done too well (in the overhang parts anyways) but I think the roughness actually increased the friction.

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