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UPDATED DESIGN by Fiber Printing : Use the masking ring to easily glue the hook and form a beautiful joint. The rope organizer hook secures your coils of rope in your cockpit. Use 3mm thick bungee cord to hold the coils up and secure to the hook. The knot is neatly hidden from sight in the dedicated knot chamber. The foot provides a large area to glue the hook to a flat section of your cockpit wall. No drilling is needed, so there is no risk of leaks. Secure the masking tool to the cockpit surface using masking tape. Use a thick layer of sika or other similar glue between the back side of the hook and the cockpit surface. At the end of life cycle just cut the glue layer with an exacto knife and remove the glue residues. A yellowish mark on the gel coat might be visible after removal, but that will whiten out with time and UV exposure.


Use PLA as it is compatible with most glues and is plenty strong for this application. 2-3 perimeters and around 30-60 percent triangular infill works great. The steepest overhang is 65 degrees, so it is best to chose a low layer height or set it to variable.

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